Proserpina astrology meaning


I feel compelled to share with you, how I intend to build this monument.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

How I will never stray from the path of my heart's calling, even if it is me who leads my actions away. I am getting comfortable in my own skin.

Proserpina (2003 UB313) called by astronomers Eris

I am making peace with how big I can get. I am building an enterprise, a model. I do not know exactly what it will look like, I am building myself at the same time.

I could not find any accurate representation prior to euro standards. But, I slowly began to see images that reminded me of myself.

Asteroid 26 Proserpina

I am grateful for her brute force when dealing with my ego, my stories. My heart is bare now. I will no longer need her, very soon. It is one thing to seek for genuine connection and demonstrate compassion. It is another to mould ourselves into the shape of what we think others want us to be.

The more we lose ourselves in communal dreams built on collective delusion, the more we betray the wild within. Proserpina too was seized and stripped, raped by the Lord of the Underworld.

Chiron in Astrology - Meaning Explained

The collective shadow can be insidious. Cast it out.

Call it out. Be the aspect of Proserpina who becomes Queen of her realm. Let no fear of your own shadow stop you wielding your power.

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Feel good in your own skin. Leave fox with her coat, running wild and free. Let nothing steal your soul. Astr ology Readings by Leah Whitehorse.

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