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Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs Compatibility Chart

The intensity of expression of a quality varies as you travel across the zodiac signs.

Westernized Chinese Astrology

These categories are named after elements of nature Fire, Earth, Water and Air as they symbolize the combined qualities of all these signs. People born under fire signs are enthusiastic, aggressive and strong willed extroverts.

People born under Earth signs are practical, materialistic and introverts. Water sign people are emotional and sympathetic towards others. Air sign people tend to be detached, analytical and flexible extroverts. Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart.

Chinese astrology dates back to 10 th century BC, the days of Zhou dynasty in China. Like western astrology, Chinese zodiac is characterized by 12 signs or animals that are representative of various human temperaments. Even so, similarities end there, as this oriental astrological system is radically different in the way it assigns signs to individual. Instead of months, the Chinese zodiac is based on a year-time cycle, with all individuals born in a year, belonging to the same sign.

Like every other system, the Chinese zodiac is based on a picture of the world, as ancient people of the land saw it.

Combining Western and Eastern Astrology by Zakariya Adeel

They believed the entirety of cosmic action to be a result of interaction or transition between the five processes or stages Wu Xing - wood , fire , Earth , metal and water. Each sign is made up of a combination of these elements or a result of interaction between these processes. According to intrinsic abilities and behavior patterns of these signs, a compatibility pattern emerges, which is presented in the chart below.

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An A-Z list of Primal Zodiac signs sorted by WESTERN and EASTERN signs. When the Chinese and the Western zodiac traits are combined, there is no better astrological mirror of one's personality. Check yours!.

Astrology is borne out of human experience and it's not a precise science. People are too complex for them to be categorized into just twelve types. You can validate this chart by checking your real life compatibility with people you know. If you find the chart to be true, use it as a rough indicator in checking compatibility with love prospects, relatives and colleagues.

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It is advised that you take the predictions of this chart, with a pinch of salt. At times, it's better to give yourself in to the magic of serendipity and let it do its work. Share This. Compatibility for Zodiac Signs: Aquarius and Pisces. Virgo and Pisces Compatibility. Traditionally Compatible Sun Signs. Virgo Man and Cancer Woman.

Leo and Gemini Compatibility. Aries Man and Leo Woman. Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility.

Joni Patry Vedic Astrology verses Western Astrology

Some signs are perfect matches while some are less compatible or even born opponents. Use the tool to test the compatibility for you and your partner! Origin of Chinese Zodiac. The old-time division was mostly related to number one ji equals 12 years, one year has 12 months, one day has 12 time periods called shi chen.

So, its origin is associated with astrology. Chinese Zodiac Stories. The distinctive zodiacal way of calculating years based on the lunar calendar decides that every once in every twelve-year cycle people will meet their birth signs. Although it sounds a bit superstitious, Chinese people take their year of birth seriously. However, there are effective ways to diminish the unlucky impacts. The most popular solution is wearing red underwear, socks or waist belts given by elders, for red is believed to bring them good luck.

Chinese Horoscopes: What’s Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Some jewelry accessories may also help, such as pendants and bracelets with auspicious images. Hours Description Rat Zi Shi: 11 p. This is the time rats actively seek food. Ox Chou Shi: 1 to 3 a. This is the time that oxen ruminate. Tiger Yin Shi: 3 to 5 a. Tigers hunt prey and display fiercest nature. Rabbit Mao Shi: 5 to 7 a. The Jade Rabbit on the moon is busy pounding medicinal herb with a pestle.

Dragon Chen Shi: 7 to 9 a. Snake Si Shi: 9 to 11 a. Snakes start to leave their burrows. Horse Wu Shi: 11 a.

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Sheep Wei Shi: 1 to 3 p. It is said that if sheep ate grass at this time, they would grow stronger. Monkey Shen Shi: 3 to 5 p. Monkeys become lively. Rooster You Shi: 5 to 7 p.

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Roosters return to their roost as it is dark. Dog Xu Shi: 7 to 9 p. Dogs begin to carry out their duty to guard entrances. Pig Hai Shi: 9 to 11 p. All is quiet and pigs are sleeping soundly. Twelve Signs of the Western Astrology. Chinese Gender Predictor. Happy Birthday eCards. Hi, 2 months ago my ex ended our relationship.

I am a divorcee and have been single for the last 29 years. The prediction shows that your luck in love relationship would become better in , especially in the middle of the year. Thus don't worry.

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Many cultures have attached importance to astronomical events. Tigers hunt prey and display fiercest nature. My birth date 14 April 79 I am in India since for dispute with my spouse. It is known as the primal force in numerology and lives up to its name. Ah, la luna!

You are an excellent person.