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Defence mechanisms now need to be reviewed. Duck and cover if necessary. In the actual night sky a retrograde fiery red Mars is an amazing sight to behold, however Along with all the other seven planets now visible-to-the-naked-eye! Build strength and stamina and put some iron in your soul when contemplating the scarlet planet at the zenith of the mid-night heavens these next couple of months; the closeness of Mars during such a long sojourn in Aquarius since May16th creates perfect viewing conditions. After two months of being in apparent backward motion, dynamic Mars goes forward on the 28 th August.

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This is the ancient law. Is there anything worse than having a hot date turn-up at the wrong time or place?! Lovers beware: timing is crucial.

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Stay cool, cosmic friends. How we communicate with others is vital to getting needs met. Trickster Mercury has many modes of communication. Roar like the Leo lion if you want to alienate; but dialogue and listening and taking others feelings, thoughts and plans into consideration will avoid admiration turning into contempt.

Aquarius is a future-orientated sign; and this Aquarian Full Moon Red Eclipse next to Scarlet Mars will no doubt prove to be memorable moment to carry well into the Equinox. Remember to set the innovative Aquarian altruistic intention, aware that during an eclipse all kinds of energies swirl in and out of the nodal vortex, as Sun, Moon and Earth will align for Earth to block out the light of the Sun.

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Realize it's not about stopping entirely, it's about taking time to regroup. The final Mercury Retrograde of starts in secretive Scorpio but shifts back into Libra on October 27, changing the energy of the retrograde halfway through. While Mercury is backtracking through Scorpio, you may find it hard to connect with others beyond a surface level. Every time you try to talk about something deeper or more meaningful, everything gets confused and you find yourself retreating back to the surface. It's difficult to develop intimacy during this time, and it doesn't get much better once Mercury retrogrades into Libra -- your attempts to show love or make things cooperative and easy could backfire, creating surprising confusion or hurt feelings.

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Be very careful with how you communicate with your loved ones during this retrograde -- actions will speak louder and clearer than words now. The penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is a time to let go of some old ways of thinking or communicating that are hindering your progress.

Instead of running around in circles and getting the same results, this eclipse pushes you to break out of your well-worn cycle by realizing a new perspective on your situation. Information that's been missing could arise now that will help you see the truth and think differently. Sagittarius prizes honesty and right-vs-wrong, so during this eclipse, you'll be faced with some truths about your life and your beliefs.

A scenario will likely arise near this eclipse that challenges your blind beliefs and forces you to see a different perspective on your situation. It's hard to admit you may have been wrong, but this eclipse is your chance to open your mind to a new view that is more beneficial to your life.

What This Lunar Eclipse Looks Like

The lunar eclipse on Friday 10 February is at 22 degrees Leo. Looking at the red lines in the lunar eclipse February astrology chart below you would think these February 11 – am .. Horoscopes. Astrological Highlights Updated 3 enters Aquarius 11 February Eclipse dates, (take notice the day before and after a solar eclipse).

Can you handle the truth? After a brief entry into Aquarius earlier this year, Saturn now makes his official entrance into this intellectual and progressive sign, lasting until March of As mentioned above, Saturn in Aquarius is a time to step outside ourselves and realize our role in humanity.

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The eclipse is not visible at all. Maybe your Sex tile to Venus saved your marriage Reply. August 30 - New Moon. Thank you for responding. That last of these occurred in The shower runs annually from April We were thinking June 3, or June 10th.

Your walls become doors now and your responsibility to your fellow man is revealed. Civil rights, politics, and government take a more progressive direction during this transit. Jupiter returns to Aquarius this year for the first time in 12 years. When expansive Jupiter's energy combines with visionary Aquarius', it's all about looking ahead, thinking big, and embracing all of humanity.

Jupiter is the plant of opportunity and growth, and while he transits through progressive Aquarius, you're inspired to think in radical new ways and get people working together to create new possibilities for all.

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Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts. Jupiter is all-encompassing, Saturn is limiting.

Jupiter says "yes! You can have a big idea AND a solid plan to turn it into something real. Because this conjunction is happening in the visionary sign of Aquarius, it's not about accomplishment for the sake of accomplishment -- it's about influencing the world and its future with meaningful, positive, lasting change.

But it can also be the catalyst for a radical rebrand! But they also reveal the limitations of the top-down leadership style you often prefer. You may be the boss, Leo, but you can accomplish so much more sharing your power with others than you will by lording it over them. And as Saturn tests the waters of Aquarius between March 21 and July 1, this new way of working brings a breath of fresh air to your working relationships. What kind of lover you were in past lives?

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