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I hate it. But because of your comment, it helped kind of reassure me in a way. So thank you so much! I am a Gemini too..

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I have attracted a lot of stranger willing to tell me there secrets, guess we are easy to talk to. I just got out of a 13year relationship, he was my first love and lover. We are very forgiving people provided you are honest with us. We hate finding out from strangers, that just pisses us off lol. I love an intellectual person, I always find the need to be challenged in a conversation.

To cut a long story short her mum died before we met but a few months in to out relationship she got really depressed and her dad was suicidal so I invariably went six or seven weeks without seeing her but I loved her so I put up with it for a year before it became too much and I had to leave. Twas awesome hearing a mans perspective.. I agree with everything you said. I did not have the pleasure of pairing with a Scorpio, I have always attracted Aries.

Pretty much winds me up the wrong way too. Best of luck!!! Gemini women can be either really fussy and uptight, or will be overly casual all the time. Sagittarius and other Geminis are the best match for them, because no one else is as intellectual and ADD.. The downside is that Geminis can be too dry for us, and we can be too heavy for them. They will not find a better partner than a Sagittarius, and it sucks that they are so flaky because they frustrate us and end up miserable, buying random crap every week to keep their self-esteem.

Both air signs just like myself, similar interests,good conversation, similar life styles and common interests with both. Even more so with the Gemini woman than with the Aquarius woman, though the Aquarius relationship lasted longer. Many factors make people complex and different than just what an astrological chart will tell you, also it depends on whats going on in your lives that can also determine the chance of success in your relationships. I can see though that Gemini can be unstable, they have more of a tendency to be dishonest to either deceive or keep things on an even keel than other signs.

They want unrealistic whirl wind romances where you end up getting married before you even know enough about how they are as a person, they get easily bored and will talk to other people even if they are in a decent relationship not saying that everyone that does is cheating but in a manner their partner would not approve of many times , they can live in fantasy worlds easily. Not everyone is defined by their sign but may have some or all of these characteristics.

We seem to get along. We have great conversations that make us laugh..

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I always wonder if I bore my Gemini man. I like him alot but being with the weather lately we cant go anywhere so we hang out at my house.. Any suggestions. Please help. You guys are going to make a great match since your moon is in gemini.

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But his moon needs to be in Scorpio in order for you guys to get along better. Most of the times Scorpio and gemini do make the worst match but you guys can be the exception. I am a capricorn man currently dating a gemini woman. We have been dating for just over 3 years now and it has been the most amazing relationship of my life.

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Gemini compatibility guide for love, sex and relationships. Best love match, compatibility table, scores, forums and more. Gemini man Sagittarius woman. When it comes to romance compatibility astrology, Gemini meshes best with fellow air signs, as well as energetic fire signs that share their vitality and zest for life.

I am planning to propose to her, I want to spend my whole life with her. I believe more in the person them self. I often wondered where all the people in my life went, until i read this article. I am the apex Gemini. Depends on the type of Aquarian however. They are also very open people but come off as distant to others even when they are close to them. When there is trust, no twists and knots in their relationship, the Aquarian will do almost anything in their will power to show them how much they love the person that shares their love back to them.

The Gemini on the other hand is childlike, air-headed, highly intelligent, adaptable and constantly changing, two-faced, manipulative, charming, mysterious, positive, friendly, and can be outgoing.

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They have a lot of inside jokes and code names and nobody can enter their world , the best match — almost a match made in heaven. When they fall in love its the definition of ecstasy, their friendship is so powerful itll make them inseperable. However, i also thought you were kind of wrong….. Taurus absolute worst match for gemini. Leo definantly one of the better matches. But aquarious I feel are like cancers and to emotional for a gemini. Definitely did not see eye to eye on many things. So much so actually that I fear cancer sign woman dating wise.

Cancers seem to live life by the book too much for a gemini just like what was stated in the article. Besides all of the characteristics of all the sun signs I think the most important thing for a Gemini man is to find someone with a lot of patience because its such a roller coaster. I am a Gemini woman and my most exciting relationships have been with LIbras. The sexual chemistry is off the chain! But the flirtatious natures of both lead to infidelity and eventually the end of the relationship.

But the poster did not mention Sags as a Gemini partner.

My most devoted and first love was a Sag… but due to circumstances beyond our control we had to divorce. I am a piscis man and i have to state that gemini woman are cruel creatures. I married her in January of this year and now I am seperating from her as we speak.. I have been 9 months with her and between her and her friends it was a nightmare!

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Astrologers believe these two signs are incompatible, as Pisces tends to be sensitive in many cases over-sensitive while Gemini is can be oblivious to the feelings of others unless his ascendant or moon is in a water sign. When you drive with her imaginations she takes you as her most perfect partner. It is likely that you know what zodiac sign you were born under and, probably, you know your ascendant. Imagine yourself covered in chocolate fudge or whipped cream, ready to scream with desire as your Taurus lover licks every last inch of you clean. They both love to play games and create a fantasy world of their own.

Love with aGemini will not work, the goods are damage from birth! I am a gemini woman who was married to a gemini man. He was a horrible cheater who denied the affair he was having, which broke up our marriage. I never ever cheated on him in over 20 years of marriage, Jason! There are male pisces cheaters too, FYI, and loyal, faithful gemini women. Oh, my pisces ex was very insulting to me too in our marriage, always putting me down. Hi there!

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Does he so happen to live in Nashville, TN by chance?? Inquisitive minds need to know! In a long-term relationship with an Aries and that has been my funnest and most exciting one yet! We keep each other mentally fascinated by our various interests and smarts, we both are very social and enjoy introducing each other into other social scenes and experiencing new places together and we party well together.

We are strongly attracted to each other, and have great sex! I am a little more spontaneous than him, but he loves to take charge of adventures…. Im a gemini woman and have been in a relationship with a libra a capricorn and a gemini and a taurus im in my early 50s now and single lol my longest relationship was with the capricorn my worst was with the taurus but at the same time it was the most passionate, I think if I wanted another relationship I would hope it would be a libra he is the one I loved the most but he was a charming cheater but we were both young.

You meet individuals on your own terms and take time to bound with them. You and your partner are the only ones who know whether you make the perfect match and of course with any relationship you will always have disagreements but in the end it will work it self out and the marriage or relationship will become stronger and stronger.


Lets put Christ in all our lives and marriages will last a lifetime. I think I need to write a Book. You think. Im a gemini and this fits my description pretty accurately. Im with a tarus and while my bf fits a tarus pretty well, i think we actually make a good couple.

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I sure hope its the same for gemini men. Im a taurus woman dating a gemini man. And all of these comments scare me. Hahaha, I dated an Aries once. Stubborn motherfucker that cooked a lot and well! But he was very clingy in the end. I agree with the stubborn motherfucker part, and clingy.

Possessiveness should be in there too!!! Okay so I like this guy…..